If you’re here, you’ve probably seen my other work from one of the links to the left. If not, great! Good for you.

My name is Frosti and I am a content creator of the web and ever-student—in a word, solarpunk. I sew and make and knit and weave. I read and write and think and create. And I travel and experience and learn and have fun. I also like to imagine and roleplay.

So, while I have your time, it’s probably a good idea to tell you about the things I do that actually amount to something. I am currently learning how to code HTML, CSS, and PHP so I can make a website to contain stories, called Tapestry, and soon I plan to have a Paypal account so it is possible to support me through Buy Me A Coffee. For now, though, I am restricted to creating work and researching the Tain.

May thee fareth well! Ciao, Frosti!